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Is your app is stuck in the mud?

Have you been working on your app for months and feel like it's going nowhere?

Are you frustrated?

A little disappointed?

Are you on the verge of giving up?

You shouldn't have to feel this way! There is an easier path.

You can banish your frustration and get back on track to launching your app.

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We'll give you a step-by-step plan to help launch your app faster, so that you never have to wonder what's next.

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We'll help you apply the tips, insights, and strategies we use to build and launch apps in one week. 

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"I finally have a working prototype that I can test with users!"

Chris Bocking (Math X)

"I wish I could hire Darren outright. His leadership on this project was invaluable. I'm sure he would say it was his technical abilities that made this possible, which is true. Yet, the best part of working with Darren is his deliberate attention (and coaching) to view all aspects of the app from the user experience. Furthermore, he has patience and a unique ability to truly listen to all perspectives and help all on the team come to a great decision (of which I feel he knew was the right one all along, yet let us feel we shaped the right result). I cannot thank him enough."

Laura Morgan (Auxin Group)

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